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Lead Gen Agencies & Pay-Per-Call Affiliates

Agencies & Pay-Per-Call Affiliates love, because they can generate live call transfers to any inbound call center based off real time lead engagement from an E-mail open or link click of CTA or Ad, web form submission, or even website landing page. We all know cold calling & voice broadcasting are dying with very low yields. Power up your marketing with the newest, cross-channel strategy called Tele-mail marketing. Think about it, when you cold call someone or voice blast them, you interrupt many prospects that may have been interested if called at the right time. With Tele-mail, you call the prospect while they are engaged, showing interest, and most likely available to talk. 



The travel industry, specifically cruising, is a very HOT market that continually depends on creative marketing & advertising strategies. By using Tele-mail triggers in E-mail campaigns based on a link click, the sales reps will be connecting with warm prospects at the right time, that are emotionally engaged & excited to book a vacation! CallWise helps sales reps increase their pipeline, conversion, and connection rate by connecting them with available, warm prospects at the right time. You can even ensure every prospects is routed to their assigned sales rep and if their rep isn't available, it will leave a voicemail, E-mail and/or text.


B2C/B2B Sales & Publishers/Ad Networks

Companies that have sales reps and use E-mail for soliciting customers will immediately see an increase in their KPIs, sales volume, and overall contact ratios. While Publishers and Ad networks can monetize their data or empower affiliates to increase Pay-Per-Calls by converting E-mails into live phone calls. Specific industries that see the biggest impact & ROI:

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Recruiting/Staffing
  • Financial Services: Mortgage, Insurance, Loans, Credit Repair
  • Home Services: Solar, Warranty, Home Security, TV, 
  • Education/Enrollments



Data Vendors/List Rentals

Data vendors have tons of clients that buy their data, however their clients often do not have am effective solution to reach the data. Data vendors can resell Tele-mail and even white label the solution, so it looks like their own platform. List rental companies often do their own in house deployment on behalf of their clients. Now with Tele-mail, they can continue offering that solution with their existing SMTP servers, but also enhance their offering with live call transfers!


Staffing Agency/Recruiting

The staffing/head hunting industry consists of two key prospecting angles... 1. It takes a lot of calls to reach candidates as they often work during business hours. 2. Finding new companies that have staffing needs takes a lot of cold calling! CallWise helps on both sides to remove the cold calling stress and connect your reps to interested & available prospects.  


Collections/Borrower Outreach

The most difficult to reach people are debtors, that's why collection agencies and borrower outreach firms use CallWise's Tele-mail™ trigger to reach their targets. The key is to craft your subject line carefully to entice the open, which then triggers a call within minutes to the collection reps. The caller ID can dynamically be set to the target's local number. There is no other technology that accurately predicts the availability of delinquent debtors and facilitates the automated inbound/outbound calling process.


Public Relations

Public relations firms specialize in reaching journalist and media professionals to get stories printed or broadcasted. Their main approach is to send out press releases and pre-written stories/follow ups via a targeted or sometimes shotgun approach. When PR firms use Tele-mail™ triggers in their outbound E-mails, they are able to get notified via phone when each contact opens their press release or story and bridges them in real time, at the right time!


Political Campaigns & Fund/Capital Raising

Political campaigns have huge lists that they often send E-mail, direct mail, and tele-marketing. Now with Tele-mail™ they can integrate their tele-marketing efforts with their E-mail campaigns to increase their contact ratios and speak to more voters and supporters! Fund raisers also typically have their own databases that they call to solicit donations or raise capital for investment opportunities. There is no better way to connect to these hard to reach people than CallWise's Tele-mail™ Live Connect!