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Reps want more conversations. Create E-mail campaigns with Tele-mailTM triggers that deliver calls to warm prospects  Warning!-Reps may lose appetite for cold calling!

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Trigger calls from prospects that open E-mails, click a link, submit a form, visit a web page, or webhook URL Post. It's like shooting fish in a barrel!

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Generate more Pay-Per-Calls with less work and much lower costs! How does a 12,000% ROI sound? Find out your ROI with Our Calculator

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Works with EVERY major ESP, CRM, E-mail, & Marketing Automation platform. No APIs, Downloads, or Installs!

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CallWise triggers a phone call between your sales reps and prospects, while they're showing interest, are likely available, & engaged with your E-mail, Website, or any other event trackable in your platform. CallWise helps you know when to call leads and automates the dialing for you!

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So What is a Tele-mailTM Again?

Tele-mailsTM are inbound phone calls triggered by an E-mail open or specified link click of a CTA or Ad inside an E-mail message, which can be sent in bulk from an E-mail marketing platform or 1 to 1 from G-mail, CRM, or marketing automation platform. Tele-mailsTM will trigger inbound phone calls to a specific number or group of agents, then "whispers" lead info like name, company name, lead source, etc... and then asks the sales rep "Press 1 to connect." Tele-mail™ then dials the lead, using the leads phone number from your database or by appending the phone number using our data vendor's API. 

Learn More about CallWise settings for trigger delays, recording, routing, throttling, push leads to any CRM, 2-way SMS, local presence, and many more.

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Icon Web Form Lightning Connector

Speed to lead is critical when it comes to converting leads from a web form. When leads submit on a web form, CallWise will call your sales line and whisper the lead info, then ask "Press 1 to Connect." CallWise will automatically dial & connect your sales reps with the lead in real time. Integration methods may vary depending on how your web form is setup and by which platform(s) you use.

Create an Account to integrate CallWise Lightning Connector with your web form today.


Icon Marketing Automation

Most Marketing Automation & CRM platforms have tools that help marketers build a customer journey or lead nurturing that guides a prospect into various paths consisting of personalized messaging and perfectly timed touch points. You decide the rules of engagement, and when the time is right, let CallWise connect the right rep with the right contact at the right time!

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Phone Number Appending

Your marketing list may not have phone numbers, so our system will look up the number linked to the Email address from our data vendor when the trigger call occurs.


Voicemail Drop

Reps dont have time to leave voicemail in a high call volume environment. Pressing 2 will leave a pre-recorded message on the reps behalf.


Local Presence

Upload your own DIDs or purchase from us and CallWise will automatically set your outbound caller ID with matching area code numbers.


Lead Notifications

Besides triggered phone notifications, you can receive notifications via E-mail and Text with embedded click to call to allow for consistent tracking in your account.


Call Recording

Optionally record all your calls for training and compliance purposes. Play back audio in x1.5 speed for quicker review.


Call Queuing/Throttling

Set the max number of concurrent triggered calls from CallWise to avoid congestion on your inbound sales line. Also, create your own all-star line up with specific agents to receive calls via round robin or simultaneous dial. 


Trigger Delay

Not all lead events, like E-mail open or link click should initiate an instant call trigger. Setup a delay by minutes, hours or days to create your strategic follow up plan.


Integrations & APIs

Triggering calls typically works within EVERY platform natively without APIs or complicated integration. However, if you want to push the lead data, call details, & call recording to your CRM you will need to use our API's.

Simple 4 Step Process


Generate CallWise Trigger URL and Configure Settings:

- Redirect/Final Destination URL

- Trigger Delay

- Scheduling

- Throttling


Insert CallWise Trigger URL Inside Your HTML Email


or Insert CallWise Open Tracking Code in Your Email Campaign to Trigger Calls on Open


Click Send & Watch the Phones Light Up

Simple 4 Step Process


Generate CallWise Trigger URL and Configure Settings


Setup a Simultaneous Dual Post For Your Site’s Web Form


Or Setup a Webhook from Your Platform to Your CallWise URL


When Lead Submits Form, Just Answer the Phone!

Simple 4 Step Process


Generate CallWise Trigger URL and Configure Settings


Drop a CallWise Trigger URL or Open Tracker in Any Email. In Any Part of Your Marketing Automation Journey


or Trigger Webhook to CallWise Based on Any Event or Specific Time Available in Your Platform


Answer the Phone and Connect With More Customers

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